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Our Philosophy

It is our desire to create a loving atmosphere that is conducive to learning educational concepts as well as life skills, and individuality. Our staff strive to teach the children the skill of discerning between right and wrong. We also demonstrate positive values and encourage our students to model those values. 

Our Nest Daycare was created to nurture and educate your growing toddler. Our daycare was designed to connect our classroom to nature, in order to create calming, natural and real educational experiences. We believe that childhood should be simple, tranquil, and a time of great curiosity and growth. At Our Nest we nurture our young scientist’s spirit by creating educational experiences that foster growth in the cognitive, emotional and physical sense. Every aspect of our daycare from the food your child eats, the toys available, to the paint on the walls, has been hand selected to be the developmental best for your child. 


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