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Our Programs


Infants & Toddlers
Ages 6–36 Months


Your child is offered the opportunity to enjoy early learning activities at our setting from FunShine Express®. Buttercups® is a professionally designed early learning curriculum for infants and toddlers ages 6-36 months. This activity kit includes activities to enhance your child’s language, cognitive, physical, and social development, as well as creative art materials. FunShine Express® believes children learn best through interacting with their environment, and they strive to present activities with that in mind. Developmentally appropriate activities will encompass all areas of your child’s development.

Preschool Children
Ages 3–5 Years Old


Your child is offered the opportunity to enjoy preschool activities at our setting from FunShine Express®, a professionally designed monthly preschool curriculum for children ages 3 - 5! This monthly activity kit includes creative art materials, alphabet and language activities, music and movement, hands-on math and science, social activities, and games. These developmentally appropriate activities encompass all areas of your child’s development, which is the best way to boost school readiness. FunShine Express® believes children learn best through interacting with their environment and they strive to present activities with that in mind.


Goals for Our Children

  • To learn about themselves and the world they live in. 

  • To maintain their natural sense of inquiry. 

  • To engage in a variety of creative activities. 

  • To develop motor skills and coordination. 

  • To build vocabulary and communication skills. 

  • To experience success. 

  • To develop a positive self-concept. 

  • To express feelings and needs in a positive manner. 

  • To develop an understanding of the needs of others. 

  • To develop a sense of responsibility. 

  • To practice the attributes of kindness, friendliness, cooperation and trust. 

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